Cartuja Tapizados

In Cartuja Tapizados we create designs full of creativity, reaching the meeting point between tradition and innovation. We offer you the best materials and the most modern design. Comfort, quality and beauty are among the ingredients for our winning recipe.

This upholstery business in Sevilla is born with the real goal of breaking the mold, bringing you a full gamut of combinations where the winning recipe is made of comfort, quality and beauty.

We design modern sofas, using the classics as a reference, and giving you the chance to adapt our products to your needs, caring for your full satisfaction



We’re proud of offering you the best quality in upholstery, and that’s only achievable when working with top prime materials.

For that reason we employ pine wood and spring frames, along with high density foam. We create the legs for our frames with beechwood, taking care of reinforcing our frames for best durability.

Of course, we don’t care just for the utilitarian; we’re professional designers, and we take pride in the way we put the finishing touches in our work.